Not the church of the future...the church right now.

In our Kids Ministry, we are seeking to educate young kids about the story of God, and help them know that they are part of that story. We use narrative lessons along with various resources and opportunities for kids to understand God's love for them, and God's call for us to love and serve others. We value children as key parts of our community, not as something that is a hindrance or a distraction to worship, but as young voices that can glorify God and reveal God to us in ways that we would have missed otherwise. We not only seek to help kids learn God's story, but for them to also have a place in worship, and to help them learn the language and spirit of worship, so that they can experience it both in and out of church.

Who's Involved?

Kids are important to worship, not only for us to help them learn the language of worship, but for us to also learn from them how to praise God. We welcome all ages to join us in our worship services.

We also have a nursery available during each service for children age 5 and under, if needed. During the school year, we regularly offer an opportunity for kids 5 and up to learn about worship skills and the story of God through our children's church program.

From Labor Day to Memorial Day, we offer weekly Sunday School classes for children of all ages.

Our volunteers are the heartbeat of our ministry, and it’s an honor to serve with each and every one of them as they work with our kids each week! Every volunteer who leads our children has had a background check and is committed to making the ministry a safe and fun environment for your kids.